On Thu, Oct 27, 2005, Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
>On 27 Oct 2005, at 08:58, Dario Lopez-Kästen wrote:
>>well, on larger shops like ours, the sysadms always want to know  
>>why we introduce Yet Another Non-Standard Component to the system  
>>setup that cannot be RPM'ed like the rest. And I am not talking  
>>across pythoin versions, but oin the same release series (ie. 2.3,  
>>I know it is more convenient to self.compile()  the python, but it  
>>is always hard to argue with the sysadms on this issue. Our current  
>>solution is to provide a precomipiled rpm with the pythons we want  
>>to use.
>>Why is that the standard os-distributed pythons do not work with  
>>zope? They seem to work with other python sw...
>For the Zope setups the pattern that I have seen most often in larger  
>shops is buildout scripts that create self-contained full instances  
>with Python, Zope and the instance home. These are easy to set up and  
>update with one simple buildout script or Makefile or whatever  
>strikes your fancy. This is exactly the same level of  
>"convenience" (and maintainability) as saying "rpm -Uvh foo.rpm".  
>Obviously this self-contained ZEO client with its own Python could be  
>done as a RPM or set of RPMs as well.
>The main idea is that you isolate Zope and Python from the rest of  
>the system. You can then use simple auto-upgrading schemes like yum  
>or even the redhat network to keep everything up to date, while never  
>running the risk of influencing or bringing down Zope by making  
>unforeseen changes to the Python in use, as could happen with the  
>system Python. The same is true for any add-ons you might install  
>into the Python used for Zope.

We've been running Zope and Plone built under the OpenPKG.org
portable packaging system for a couple of years now.  The OpenPKG
system avoids problems with vendor python and other packages.

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