On 28 Oct 2005, at 10:26, Einar Næss Jensen wrote:
How the bad RPMs you used make you blame RedHat as a whole isn't a
jump I can follow...  you should be blaming those people who packages
the RPMs and not the whole distribution.

I'm sure Redhat works fine for many people in a lot of businesscritical solutions. I'm also sure Redhat is good at what they are doing.
All I'm saying is: Redhat didn't work for us. Debian do.
Also RPM didn't work for us, while instaling from source do.
As i remember, redhat 9.0 introduced an error in one of the libraries which would cause the server to hang/reboot from time to time.
Also we experienced a corrupt RPM database twice. Not fun at all.
Now this may not be redhats fault, but we suffered from it nevertheless and gave an impression of redhat's not something we want.

The "library error" in RH 9.0 was solved very quickly after its initial release. Updating the environment once in a while and reading the errata helps, and that's a general issue.

The "corrupt" RPM database problem can be solved very quickly by either running the requisite BDB tools against it or blowing it away and rebuilding it from scratch.

Debian is a great distribution, no doubt, but "X works for us while Y does not" is a misleading statement that creates wrong impressions. It's not RedHat's fault that you weren't up to speed on some of these things.


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