Vlada Macek wrote:
I'm about to create a Zope (Plone, in fact) application, as a Package,
that will operate on data accessible via SQL (Firebird RDBMS). I'm
ordered the data must stay in SQL storage, not in ZODB.

Recently I found, outside of Zope, that using python-kinterbasdb module
is very straighforward and easy. It's simply about writing SQL
statements to Python code. Until then I thought I'll use usual ZSQL
Methods for each SQL statement in the application, but kinterbasdb seems
to allow a quickier developing.

First thing that arises is that I will need to keep the persistent
connection reference in the product instance, but it's bearable IMHO.

I'm unexperienced in this, please may I hear pros/cons of each method?

You might look at "ExtZSQL":http://www.zope.org/Members/jccooper/extzsql

It is made for using RDBMS in Zope products.

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