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This was a one man thing I did ... I ran into some big hurdles, and gave up
on it for now.  I still think the idea is excellent mind you, but some of
the ZODB/APE paradigms didn't translate well into the SVN world.  But having
true, powerful revisioning capabilities for your objects would be incredibly
useful to many I'm sure!

As someone else mentionned, you probably should move a lot of your code onto
the file system anyways.  As much as possible, only pure content should be
held in actual objects.


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Michael Schwartz
Sent: November 7, 2005 10:12 AM
Subject: [Zope] Revision Control / CVS / SVN integration with ZODB?

Zope has been a fantastic environment for our application (a front end for
an Asterisk PBX application), but now that more people are contributing to
the development effort, it is becoming a challenge to keep the various
environments in sync. The project is now hundreds of page templates, sql
methods, and python scripts: we desperately need revision control to move
the project forward.

I am wondering if the past CVS Products are compatible with Zope 2.8.

We tried using Revision Manager: it installs ok, I check in the objects, but
after a short period of time, it throws errors when you try to do a CVS
update. Revision Manager is great when it works, but it has been too buggy.

I tried ZCVSFolder... the "stable" 0.2.7b2 Product would not load in Zope
2.8.1. I was able to load the 0.2.5 version, but had trouble checking my
objects into the repository. Maybe I need to spend more time here.

What is the Roadmap for Revision Control in Zope 2, especially for us
non-Plone users? Am I missing something with Revision Manager? Does it work
for other people with Zope 2.8?

I see that the Zope project itself is using Subversion, are there any plans
for integrating SVN with Zope?


Mike Schwartz

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