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Newer Zope versions have an interesting ability to serve large files
efficiently given the file name ( http://plope.com/Members/chrism/ploneconf2004/2004pres.txt ).

What about serving large files given file(-like) handler? It could be
very beneficial sometimes, especially with dynamically generated

Does Zope has anything for this?

Thank you for any ideas on this topic!

Have a look at:


it implements what you are asking for.

Thank you for the link, however, it seems that it is not what I am looking for. I do not want the file contents be read into Python program as a whole but piped to the HTTP client. This piece of FileCacheManager code
give me doubts that this is how it works:

cache_entry = FileCacheEntry(self, ob, fname, self._tempfile_path) cache_entry.write(data) """

I want something which works similar to Unix pipe but for HTTP client:

this_generates_output | process_output >> http_client

I do not want to store it anywhere on the FS and/or ZODB! And I certainly do not want to read the resulting file as a Python string into RAM. So,
I cant understand how RAMCache or FILECacheManager is going to help me.

I don't know if writing to response one chunk at a time is proper solution? Will Zope store response body or sent it right away? I am not sure that it is the later...


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