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> ...
> I running Apache 2.0 and Zope 2.7 on Debian Sarge. I've configured a zope 
> (Plone) instance located /var/lib/zope2.7/instance/dulci.
> This can be accessed via 
> http://machine_address:9673/dulci. 9673 is the 

> point on which Zope runs on Debian.
> I'm trying to configure Apache so that all requests of the form
> http://machine_address/plone are sent to
> https://machine_address:9673/dulci

http != https
Zope is unlikely to understand the rewritten URL with that https I would
say. I don't understand why you try to access Zope with SSL/https, plain
Zope does not understand that protocol.

If you try to use apache to do SSL for Zope, you will need it the other
way around. 

And to force connections to go through SSL, you will need a rewriterule
to redirect (either for all URLs or for /manage URLs) or some fancier
Plone setup (which I never figured out).

> and that the urls returned by Plone are consistent.
> I added the following lines to my Apache config, representing my best 
> guess as to how this should work. 

I don't know about the problems that Chris found with your RewriteRule,
but I stopped worrying, since I can always go to the witch and get a
usefull RewriteRule for most setups (if I might say so myself :-)

> The rewriting seems to work, since when 
> I go to
> http://machine_address/plone
> the log says
> [Wed Nov 09 03:30:26 2005] [error] [client ...] client denied by 
> server configuration: 
> proxy:
> However, something must be broken.

> ...

>    RewriteRule ^/plone(/.*)?$ 
>  [L,P]

As for the question mark, I guess you are trying to get in one rule what
most people (and the witch) do in two rules: Cover the case where
"/plone" ends the URL, as well the case where something comes behind
"/plone". Regular expressions are tricky with that stuff, so it's better
to use 2 rules and be covered.

Googling for [zope apache rewriterule], the ZopeWiki page
(http://zopewiki.org/ZopeAndApache) comes on the first result page,
while the witch is currently on the second page. The help page from the
VHM is also very informative.



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