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Has anyone successfully used htmltopdf, a PHP script written by Jason Rust ( to convert an HTML file to PDF, with Zope? In particular, I wanted to find out if anyone had used the python equivalent of this PHP script.

We've been looking into this recently. Raw notes on various tools and links below, first on HTML to pdf/ps, and then on HTML to image (jpeg/png) directly, which is ultimately what we need to do.

The main thing is that many of the html to ps/pdf tools don't handle CSS well, if at all. The big exception there is shown (with a live demo) at It's fabulous - handles pages from csszengarden quite well.

At the moment, we're going with a simpler approach to our problem (watermarks), but if we went the HTML to PDF/image route, I'd look at the script, or the approach noted at the link.


"html to pdf in php":

"python script for html to pdf conversion":

"html2doc": , a proprietary tool

"denature":, html to pdf via xsl/fo in Perl

other "html to pdf": tools at Freshmeat

Zope cookbook has a "recipe":
using (yum-able) "recode": and "html2doc": aka a "product from ESP": (under GNU license)

* there's also the apparently very simple


There is a "php version of html2ps": which handles background images, e.g. from here "":


* "html2jpg": "project page": (requires mozilla)

* "khtml2png": (not maintained) also used "here":

* "another python-based app": be the most promising)"":

* "webkit2png":

* "Easy capture": for the PHP environment (not HTML, just images)

* "HTML/CSS/javascript approach":

* using "PHP and GD":
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I've been using the htmldoc route for ages now. Bit limited in that it's HTML 3 but works fine for me.

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