Vivek Krishna wrote:

Hi ,
  I am considering using zope to build a sample applicaiton like a
guestbook and shopping cart
kind of application. I really looked for all documentation but couldnt
find a cookbook which does a step by step introduction to ahceive
this.Is there some resource like this? Besides I am
a new to python.Is python scripting required to build something as
simple as a guestbook? Or would you recommend me to use something like
PHP/Perl. I installed zope and read some docs but all I find is
objects,aquisition and details about ZMI.
If someone could help or point to some resources  or probably say that
Zope is not needed for this I would be grateful.

When you access your local zope instance like http://localhost:8080/
you see the default 'Zope QuickStart' document with a list of useful information and links to helful resources.

One of the point says: "Import and then check out the new example Zope applications. These examples show you simple working Zope applications that you can copy and modify"

Just click the 'Import' link and look into the newly created 'Examples' folder in ZMI.

It features working example projects like a FileLibry, a GuestBook, a Navigation tool and a ShoppingCart -- check out the sources and browse the recent ZopeBook at for more information.



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