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Jonathan wrote:

Hi all,
I'm developing a site that has multiple subdomains (i.e.: http://atlanta.website.com, http://nyc.website.com, etc.). Can anybody point me how can I get the session to be shared across these different subdomains? Unless someone can give me an opposite advise, I think I need to specify a "domain" to the cookie which is trivial for regular cookies but I just can't find how to do it with sessions (notice that I am I'm using Zope's regular request.SESSION).

How about creating subfolders, one for each subdomain, and then use URL rewriting to point to the required subfolder. The top level folder would contain your login/authenication/session info which could be accessed via acquisition.

Hello Jonathan and thanks for your help,

Actually, the site is working. I have something close to what you said with the difference that I am getting the rewritings go to the same folder. Unfortunately this doesn't work because of the way that session's cookies are served by default in Zope (including the subdomain). In other words, no matter how you construct your internal folder hierarchy, browsers won't submit a session cookie from a subdomain to another. Cookies specification define a keyword to set the domain from which the cookie should be submitted, but I don't know how to set it for Zope's default session. Or if I'm completely missing something.

try googling:   site:www.zope.org set cookie domain


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