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Asad Habib wrote:

Hi Cameron. You are right but the self parameter is implicitly passed.

It is implicitly passed, but must be explicitly defined::

def createHtmlToPdf(self, in_htmlFile, in_domain, in_pdfFile):
   return html2pdf(in_htmlFile, in_domain, in_pdfFile)

When you say::

  context.createHtmlToPdf(in_htmlFile, in_domain, in_pdfFile)

Python ends up calling this method/function something like::

  createHtmlToPdf(context, in_htmlFile, in_domain, in_pdfFile)

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No, it's optional.  If you don't inlude "self" in the signature,
it's not passed.  You can see this in the source of

                if ((self._v_func_code.co_argcount-
                     len(self._v_func_defaults or ()) - 1 == len(args))
                    and self._v_func_code.co_varnames[0]=='self'):
                    return f(self.aq_parent.this(), *args, **kw)

I think the problem lies elsewhere. Traceback?

I thought I'd seen that work before, but didn't want to dip into asides.

Oh well. There goes my guess.

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