I'm brand new on this list and writing to get a bit of insight here. We had someone design a web site using Zope, and very pleased with it. That person is no longer with us and I'm not at all a savvy back-end person, let alone Zope-savvy.

At this point, the site is great for managing content via the database. However, as far as I can see pretty much all the content needs to fit into templates, with the result that there appears to be little room for setting up a more free-form looking page that can incorporate graphics in a freer, more visual way. Sure, we can add images and any HTML we like, but they are confined to the areas designated by the templates. In other words, the site tends to "look like" a database-driven website - not unpleasing by any means, but I'm wondering if Zope lends itself to more "creative" looking pages that departs from the templated look.

At zope.org there is a list of sites using Zope that I'll have a look at, but I'd be appreciative of any feedback. We are thinking of hiring someone with more graphics than back-end experience and I'd like to hear if anyone thinks Zope is adaptable to give someone plenty of creative expression.


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