Actually, I not receiving an error anymore but a pdf is not being generated either. When I test my External Method directly through the ZMI the only thing that is returned is the following line:

<__builtin__.html2pdf instance at 0x4a1e8f0>

I have tried passing in the parameters using the request object as well as hard-coding them in but in both cases a pdf is not generated and there is no traceback. The code for my External Method is as follows:

# Added by Asad Habib to allow use as an External Method from Zope
def createHtmlToPdf(self):
return html2pdf('/Applications/Plone2/Library/Software/Zope270/Zope/error.html', '', '/Applications/Plone2/Library/Software/Zope270/Zope/error.pdf')

# This is based on a php script (c) Jason Rust <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
# See that script for licensing
# Convert an HTML file to a PDF file using html2ps and ps2pdf

from tempfile import gettempdir, mkstemp
import os
import re
from re import IGNORECASE, DOTALL
from copy import copy

class html2pdf:
  def __init__(self, in_htmlFile, in_domain, in_pdfFile = None):

    in_htmlFile The full path to the html file to convert
    in_domain The default domain name for images that have a relative path
in_pdfFile (optional) The full path to the pdf file to output. If not given then we create a temporary name.

    self.htmlFile = '' #The full path to the file we are parsing
    self.pdfFile = '' #The full path to the output file
self.tmpDir = gettempdir() #The temporary directory to save intermediate files
    self.debug = False #Whether or not we are in debug mode
    self.htmlErrors = False #Whether we output html errors
    self.defaultDomain = '' #The default domain for relative images
self.html2psPath = '/usr/bin/html2ps' #The path to the html2ps executable
    self.ps2pdfPath = '/usr/bin/ps2pdf' #The path to the ps2pdf executable
self.getUrlPath = '/usr/bin/curl -i' #The path to your get URL program, including options to get headers self.useCSS = True #Whether or not to try and parse the CSS in the html file and use it in creating the pdf
    self.additionalCSS = '' #Other styles to use when parsing the page
    self.pageInColor = True #Show the page in color?
    self.grayScale = False #Show the images be in grayscale?
    self.scaleFactor = 1 #Scale factore for the page
    self.underlineLinks = None #Whether to underline links or not
self.headers ={} #The header information # self.headers was array('left' => '$T', 'right' => '$[author]') self.footers ={} #The footer information #self.footers was array('center' => '- $N -')
    self.html2psrc = """
          titlepage: 0;         /* do not generate a title page */
          toc: 0;               /* no table of contents */
          colour: %pageInColor%; /* create the page in color */
          underline: %underlineLinks%;         /* underline links */
          grayscale: %grayScale%; /* Make images grayscale? */
          scaledoc: %scaleFactor%; /* Scale the document */
          geturl: %getUrlPath%; /* path to the geturl */
        showurl: 0;             /* do not show the url next to links */"""
#Default html2ps configuration that we use (is parsed before being used, though)
    self.makeAbsoluteImageUrls = True
    """Whether HTML_ToPDF should replace all relative image paths in the
      input HTML document with the default domain or not. Switch this to
false if you want to convert a HTML file which is located locally in the
      file system and is not reachable via HTTP but all the images used
      in the HTML file are located correctly according to their relative
self.ps2pdfIncludePath = '' #Include path for ps2pdf (-I option), for example to specify where to search for font files, etc. self._htmlString = ''; #We use this to store the html file to a string for manipulation

    self.htmlFile = in_htmlFile
    self.defaultDomain = in_domain

    if in_pdfFile is None:
      tempFile = mkstemp(prefix = 'PDF-', dir = self.tmpDir)
os.close(tempFile[0]) #close the file handle which is opened by mkstemp
      self.pdfFile = tempFile[1]
      self.pdfFile = in_pdfFile

  def addHtml2PsSettings(self, in_settings):
"""Adds on more html2ps settings to the end of the default set of settings."""
    self.html2psrc += "\n" + in_settings

  def setDebug(self, in_debug):
"""Sets the debug variable: true (debugging on) or false (debugging off)."""
    self.debug = in_debug

  def setHeader(self, in_attribute, in_value):
    """Sets a header.

@param string $in_attribute One of the header attributes that html2ps accepts. Most common are left, center, right, font-family, font-size, color. @param string $in_value The attribute value. Special values that can be set are $T (document title), $N (page number), $D (current date/time), $U (current url or filename), $[meta-name] (A meta-tag, such as $[author] to get
                  author meta tag)
    self.headers[in_attribute] = in_value

  def setFooter(self, in_attribute, in_value):
    """Sets a footer.

@param string $in_attribute One of the header attributes that html2ps accepts. Most common are left, center, right, font-family, font-size, color. @param string $in_value The attribute value. Special values that can be set are $T (document title), $N (page number), $D (current date/time), $U (current url or filename), $[meta-name] (A meta-tag, such as $[author] to get
                  author meta tag)
    self.footers[in_attribute] = in_value

  def setTmpDir(self, in_path):
    """Set the temporary directory path (full path).

    @param string $in_path The full path to the tmp dir
    self.tmpDir = in_path

  def setUseColor(self, in_useColor):
    """Set whether to use color or not when creating the page (bool)."""
    self.pageInColor = in_useColor

  def setUseCSS(self, in_useCSS):
"""Set whether to try and use the CSS in the html page when creating the pdf file. (bool)"""
    self.useCSS = in_useCSS

  def setAdditionalCSS(self, in_css):
    """Set additional CSS to use when parsing the html file. (string)"""
    self.additionalCSS = in_css

  def setGetUrl(self, in_getUrl):
"""Sets the get url which is used for retrieving images from the html file needs to be the full path to the file with options to retrive the headers
    as well.

    in_getUrl = string of the get url program path
    self.getUrlPath = in_getUrl

  def setGrayScale(self, in_grayScale):
"""Sets the gray scale option for images (bool: True if images should be grayscale)."""
    self.grayscale = in_grayScale

  def setUnderlineLinks(self, in_underline):
"""Sets the option to underline links or not (bool: True if links should be underlined)."""
    self.underlineLinks = in_underline

  def setScaleFactor(self, in_scale):
"""Sets the scale factor for the page. Less than one makes it smaller, greater than one enlarges it."""
    self.scaleFactor = in_scale

  def setHtml2Ps(self, in_html2ps):
    """Sets the path to the html2ps program."""
    self.html2psPath = in_html2ps

  def setPs2Pdf(self, in_ps2pdf):
    """Sets the path to the ps2pdf program (string)."""
    self.ps2pdfPath = in_ps2pdf

  def setMakeAbsoluteImageURLs(self, in_makeAbsoluteImageURLs):
    """Sets the makeAbsoluteImageUrls variable (bool).

Replace relative image URLs in the input HTML file with default domain?
    self.makeAbsoluteImageURLs = in_makeAbsoluteImageURLs

  def setPs2pdfIncludePath(self, in_ps2pdfIncludePath):
"""Sets the ps2pdfIncludePath variable (string) include path for ps2pdf."""
    self.ps2pdfIncludePath = in_ps2pdfIncludePath

  def convert(self):
    """Convert the html file into a pdf file.

    Return the path to the pdf file.

    #read the html file in so we can modify it
    htmlfile = open(self.htmlFile, 'rb')
    self._htmlString =

    #grab extra CSS
    self.additionalCSS += self._getCSSFromFile()

    #modify the conf file
    paperSize = self._getPaperSize()
    orientation = self._getOrientation()

    #try and replace relative images with the default domain
    if self.makeAbsoluteImageUrls:
reImg = re.compile('<img (.*?)src=["\']((?!http\://).*?)["\']', IGNORECASE)
      absolute = '<img \\1 src="http://' + self.defaultDomain + '/\\2"'
      self._htmlString = reImg.sub(absolute, self._htmlString)

    #html2ps messes up on several form elements
reInput = re.compile('<input (.*?)type=["\']?(hidden|submit|button|image|reset|file)["\']?.*?>', IGNORECASE)
    self._htmlString = reInput.sub('<input />', self._htmlString)

    a_tmpFiles = {}

    tempFile = mkstemp(prefix = 'CONF-', dir = self.tmpDir)
    os.write(tempFile[0], self.html2psrc)
a_tmpFiles['config'] = copy(tempFile[1]) #the conf file has to be an actual file

    self._dumpDebugInfo("html2ps config: self.html2psrc")

#make the temporary html file. We need an html extension for at least one version of html2ps tempFile = mkstemp(prefix = 'HTML-', dir = self.tmpDir, suffix = '.html')
    os.write(tempFile[0], self._htmlString)
    a_tmpFiles['html'] = copy(tempFile[1])

    #need a temporary postscript file as well
    tempFile = mkstemp(prefix = 'PS-', dir = self.tmpDir)
    a_tmpFiles['ps'] = copy(tempFile[1])

cmd = self.html2psPath + ' ' + orientation + ' -f ' + a_tmpFiles['config'] + ' -o ' + a_tmpFiles['ps'] + ' ' + a_tmpFiles['html'] + ' 2>&1'
    retCode = os.system(cmd)
    self._dumpDebugInfo("html2ps command run: " + cmd)
    #self._dumpDebugInfo("html2ps output: " . result_string))

    if retCode != 0:
print "Error: there was a problem running the html2ps command. Error code returned: " + str(retCode) + ". setDebug() for more information."

cmd = self.ps2pdfPath + ' -sPAPERSIZE=' + paperSize + ' -I' + self.ps2pdfIncludePath + ' ' + ' -dAutoFilterColorImages=false -dColorImageFilter=/FlateEncode ' + a_tmpFiles['ps'] + " '" + self.pdfFile + "' 2>&1"

    retCode = os.system(cmd)

    self._dumpDebugInfo("ps2pdf command run: " + cmd)
    #self._dumpDebugInfo("ps2pdf output: " + result_string)

    if retCode != 0:
print "Error: there was a problem running the ps2pdf command. Error code returned: " + str(retCode) + " setDebug() for more information."

    return self.pdfFile

  def _modifyConfFile(self):
    """Modify the config file and put in our custom variables."""
#first determine if we should try and figure out underline link option, based on css
    if self.underlineLinks is None:
reLink = re.compile('a\:link:.*?text-decoration\:(.*?)none(.*?);(.*?)}', IGNORECASE or DOTALL)
        self.underlineLinks = False
        self.underlineLinks = True

self.html2psrc = self.html2psrc.replace('%scaleFactor%', str(self.scaleFactor)) self.html2psrc = self.html2psrc.replace('%getUrlPath%', str(self.getUrlPath))
    #we convert booleans into numbers
self.html2psrc = self.html2psrc.replace('%pageInColor%', str(int(self.pageInColor))) self.html2psrc = self.html2psrc.replace('%grayScale%', str(int(self.grayScale))) self.html2psrc = self.html2psrc.replace('%underlineLinks%', str(int(self.underlineLinks)))

    #Add header and footer information
self.html2psrc += "\nheader:\n" + self._processHeaderFooter(self.headers) self.html2psrc += "}\nfooter:\n" + self._processHeaderFooter(self.footers)
    self.html2psrc += '}'

#Add in paper size if not present to ensure that headers/footer will always show rePage = re.compile('@page.*?{.*?size:\s*(.*?);', IGNORECASE or DOTALL)
    if not
      self.additionalCSS += "[EMAIL PROTECTED]:\n"
      self.additionalCSS += "  size: 8.5in 11in;\n"
      self.additionalCSS += "}\n"

    #add the global container
    self.html2psrc = """
          """ + self.html2psrc + """
        """ + self.additionalCSS

  def _getCSSFromFile(self):
    """Try to get the CSS from the html file and use it in creating the
       PDF file.  If we find CSS we'll add it to the CSS string.

    return string Any CSS found
    if (self.useCSS):
      cssFound = ''
      #first try to find inline styles
reStyle = re.compile('<style.*?>(.*?)</style>', IGNORECASE or DOTALL)
      style_matches = reStyle.findall(self._htmlString)
      if style_matches:
        cssFound = style_matches[0]
        #replace it with nothing in the html since it messes up html2ps
        self._htmlString = reStyle.sub('', self._htmlString)
reLink = re.compile('<link .*? href=["\'](.*?)["\'].*?text/css.*?>', IGNORECASE)
        link_matches = reLink.findall(self._htmlString)
        if link_matches:
          reHttp = re.compile('(^(?!http\://).*)', IGNORECASE)
          absolute = 'http://' + self.defaultDomain + '/\\1'
          cssFound = reHttp.sub(absolute, link_matches[0])

          fp = open(cssFound, "rb")
          cssFound =

      #only takes a:link attribute
      reLink = re.compile('a +{', IGNORECASE)
      cssFound = reLink.sub('a:link', cssFound)

      return cssFound
      return ''

  def _getPaperSize(self):
"""Tries to determine the specified paper size since ps2pdf needs to be told explicitly
    in some cases.  Right now handles letter, ledger, 11x17, and legal.

    return the page size string
    :NOTE: We don't support the html2ps paper block since the @page block
    is the new correct way to do it.
rePage = re.compile('@page.*?{.*?size:\s*(.*?);', IGNORECASE or DOTALL)
    matches = rePage.findall(self.html2psrc)
    if not matches:
      matches = ['8.5in 11in']
      #Take out any extra spaces
    matches[0] = matches[0].replace(' ', '')
    if matches[0] == '8.5in14in':
      size = 'legal'
    elif matches[0] == '11in17in':
      size = '11x17'
    elif matches[0] == '17in11in':
      size = 'ledger'
    elif matches[0] == 'a4':
      size = 'a4'
      size = 'letter'
    return size

  def _getOrientation(self):
"""Tries to determine the specified page orientaion since html2ps needs to be told explicitly.

    return The page orientation string
rePage = re.compile('@page.*?{.*?orientation:\s*(.*?);', IGNORECASE or DOTALL)
    matches = rePage.findall(self.html2psrc)
    if not matches:
      matches = ['portrait']

    if matches[0] == 'landscape':
      orientation = '--landscape'
      orientation = ''

    return orientation

  def _processHeaderFooter(self, in_data):
    """Process either a set of headers or footers.
    in_data: The header or footer data (dictionary)
    return the html2ps string of data
    s_data = ''
#If not using odd/even attributes then override them with the main left/right/center keys
    #to ensure that the desired headers/footers get in

    for s_key in ['left', 'right', 'center']:
      if s_key in in_data:
        if not (("odd-" + s_key) in in_data):
          in_data["odd-" + s_key] = in_data[s_key]
        if not (("even-" + s_key) in in_data):
          in_data["even-" + s_key] = in_data[s_key]

    for s in in_data.items():
      s_data += "  " + s[0] + ': "' + s[1] + '"\n'

    return s_data

  def _cleanup(self, in_files):
    """Cleans up the files we created during the script.

    array $in_files The array of temporary files
    for file in in_files.items():
      if (self.debug):
self._dumpDebugInfo(file[0] + ' file: ' + file[1] + ' (not removed)')

  def _dumpDebugInfo(self, in_info):
"""If debug is on it dumps the specified debug information to screen. Uses <pre> tags to save formatting of debug information.

    in_info: the debug info
    if (self.debug):
      if (self.htmlErrors):
print '<pre><span style="color: red;">DEBUG</span>: ' + in_info + '</pre>'
        print "DEBUG: " + in_info + "\n"

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

- Asad

On Wed, 16 Nov 2005, Paul Winkler wrote:

On Wed, Nov 16, 2005 at 11:26:10AM -0600, J Cameron Cooper wrote:
Asad Habib wrote:
Hi Cameron. You are right but the self parameter is implicitly passed.

It is implicitly passed, but must be explicitly defined::

 def createHtmlToPdf(self, in_htmlFile, in_domain, in_pdfFile):
    return html2pdf(in_htmlFile, in_domain, in_pdfFile)

When you say::

   context.createHtmlToPdf(in_htmlFile, in_domain, in_pdfFile)

Python ends up calling this method/function something like::

   createHtmlToPdf(context, in_htmlFile, in_domain, in_pdfFile)

Your message signature must agree.

No, it's optional.  If you don't inlude "self" in the signature,
it's not passed.  You can see this in the source of

               if ((self._v_func_code.co_argcount-
                    len(self._v_func_defaults or ()) - 1 == len(args))
                   and self._v_func_code.co_varnames[0]=='self'):
                   return f(self.aq_parent.this(), *args, **kw)

I think the problem lies elsewhere. Traceback?


Paul Winkler
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