Dennis Allison wrote at 2005-11-15 14:54 -0800:
>Has anyone prepared a set of best practice guidelines on the techniques to
>use to minimize conflicts?

  *  Localize out into separate persistent objects attributes
     with high write frequency.

     E.g. when you have a counter, put into its own
     persistent object (you can use a "BTrees.Length.Length" object
     for a counter).

  *  Implement "conflict resolution" for your high frequently
     written persistent objects.

     Formerly, "TemporaryStorage" had only very limited
     history information to support conflict resolution (which
     limited the wholesome effect of conflict resolution).
     Rumours say that this improved with Zope 2.8.

  *  Write only when you really change something.

     E.g. instead of "session[XXX] = sss" use
     "if session[XXX] != sss: session[XXX] = sss"
     (at least, if there is a high chance that "session" already
     contains the correct value).

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