Thanks Chris and Dieter for your feedback, please see my notes below.

Chris McDonough wrote:

On Thu, 2005-11-17 at 22:47 -0300, Pablo Ziliani wrote:
since first (as I said) I had no trouble in adding another deeper BMI; and second, because any attempt to delete root's BMI ends in a "/browser_id_manager/ cannot be deleted." page error message.

Any hint?
I suspect it's a bug that the root browser id manager cannot be deleted.
That said, it shouldn't be necessary to delete it, as the session data
manager will use the "first" bid manager it finds in its acquisition
path to get the browser id (see
Products/Sessions/  In your case, probably what's
happening is that the machinery is finding the /session_data_manager
object at the root, and the "first" bid manager in *its* acquisition
path is the root /browser_id_manager.  If you also create a
'session_data_manager' object in your site, this one should be found and
it should use its peer 'browser_id_manager' object.

This area is somewhat murky as it's unusual to need multiple browser id
managers per server, so I'll be interested to know if creating a session
data manager fixes this problem.

- C

Adding the new session_data_manager did the trick as you both suggested, THANKS!

However, my first attempt was unsuccessful as upon creation I had set it to use an non-existing Transient Object Container (TrOC) under /temp_folder, in hope that this would create it at the same time. Yes, I know how easily I come to complicate things, but my hope was actually real: I did got both objects created... until I restarted Zope of course, where (consistently with its container function) I lost the new TrOC forever. I can see in OFS/ that both the temp_folder and the default Transient OC are recreated on startup, so I guess that the only way to get a "permanent" TrOC is by monkey patching Zope, what of course is beyond my needs, given that I can use (as I finally did) the default TrOC.

However now my question is: can't this configuration lead to session collisions, given that now I have multiple BIMs/SDMs making writes to the same TrOC?

Thanks in advance for your advise,

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