Am Sonntag, den 20.11.2005, 09:16 -0800 schrieb Dennis Allison:
> I have a DTML method which provides the primary navigation control in a 
> portion of our system and so is very heavily used.  It is a primary source
> of conflict errors and so is being rethought.
> Zope 2.8.4, ZEO 3.4.2, ZODB 3.4.2, Python 2.4.2 or 2.3.5 
> MySQL 4.0.20, MySQL-Python 1.2.0, MYSQLDA 2.0.9
> ZODB 3.4.2 does not raise a conflict error on a read-read conflict, one of 
> the reasons fr moving to Zope 2.8.4.
> The structure of the naviagation method is simple enough. Everything is 
> wrapped in a <dtml-let> which sets a number of parameters mostly by 
> reading them from the SESSION (with an interface function) or plucking 
> them from the relational database with a query.
> In the scope of the let is dtml code which, when rendered, provides the 
> various navigation links.  In various sections there are additional 
> <dtml-let> blocks and additional queries to the relational database
> and several <dtml-in> loops.
> Looking at the code, I don't understand why I am seeing conflicts.
> As I understand things, neither variables in the <dtml-let> space nor
> the REQUEST/RESPONSE space are stored in the ZODB so modifications to 
> them don't look like writes to the conflict mechanism.  Am I incorrect 
> in my understanding?

For what are you using the SESSION storage and for what do you
need the ZSQL method calls in your navigation?
What is in your ZODB?


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