Am Sonntag, den 20.11.2005, 12:54 -0500 schrieb D Washburn:
> I have a need to encrypt a parameter passed on a URL to another
> website using Python and MD5 encryption. I tried to set up a test
> python script:
> I am running ZOPE and Plone. I have made other Python scripts that
> work.
> *******************
> import md5
> print "This is the", script.meta_type, '"%s"' % script.getId(),
> if script.title:
>     print "(%s)" % html_quote(script.title),
> print "in", container.absolute_url()
> hash1 ="Hello world").digest()
> print "hash=",hash1
> return printed
> **************
> When I do this and I attempt to test it - my ZOPE/Plone instance pops
> up the login screen (even though I am logged in already). I tried
> logging in but it just kept asking for my username/password.
> Suggestions? Anyone got a simple example of a Python script that can
> be passed a piece of text and return an encrypted string?

You would need either an external method where you use md5
or a simple product (basically just an derived
from Products/PythonScripts/ )

Btw, md5() does not encrypt. Its a hash. (You cannot
get the original text from it)


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