Martin Koekenberg wrote:
That was my idea. Is there a solution for that convert. Martin Koekenberg

well, sort of, but there is no converting. Here's a suggestion, that may work for you assuming that I understand the problem properly:

The DTML-document contains some sort of information that you need to keep, but you also need to store stuff inside of it.

The most obvious solution is to create a folder with the same name as the DTML-document, put the DTML-document inside the folder and rename the doc to Index_html. moving all properties from the doc to the folder and presto, there you have it. renaming the doc index_html gives you url-compliance with previous urls, ie if you had /some/url/the_doc, you can still keep /some/url/the_doc, because it will automagically render /some/url/the_doc/index_html for you.

The API for creating and getting properties is availabel in the Zope Help from the ZMI.

HTH and Good luck!


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    From: Jonathan Cyr <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

    So, you'd like to turn an independent entry into a container to hold
    more info?


    Martin Koekenberg wrote:

The DTML Documents are userinfo documents.

I want to create a photoorder form and generate a dtml document with that users orders. I want to place that in his user folder.

Martin Koekenberg
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From: Andreas Jung
--On 16. November 2005 15:35:14 +0100 Martin Koekenberg


Is it possible to convert a DTML Document to a folder, Both with
properties  ?
I use Zope 2.8.4.

Converting a piece of textual content to a folder makes no sense. WHat are you trying to do???


Jonathan Cyr


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