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Jürgen Herrmann wrote:
> [ Florent Guillaume wrote:]
>>Jürgen Herrmann wrote:
>>>recently i came up here with the intention to fix DateTime#strftime().
>>>while trying this, i had to dig deeper and deeper into the
>>>of DateTime and especially the timezone and daylight saving stuff.
>>>to be honest, it's completely hacked together :(
>>>DateTimeZone.py has one BIG dictionary in it, not a single line of
>>>comments. values of this dict are nested lists, among other hackish
>>>things (list like usage of a string, with \000 as separator).
>>>the methods that use this dict also have no comments/docstrings at all.
>>>obviously the guy(s) that originally wrote this, is/are hiding (i know
>>>why :) so, there's nobody to ask either...
>>>sorry guys, i won't be able to completely fix this for now. i found
>>>a way to monkey patch zope to make it work for my case (2 timezones
>>>only). my plan is to completely reimplement DateTime, based on
>>>python's datetime in my own freetime (maybe around xmas this year)
>>>and give it back to the community.
>>>once again sry, if i raised expectations on the fix of strftime.
>>Yes replacing DateTime is a laudable but difficult goal.
>>One thing that could be done meanwhile is just refactor the unit test to
>>be a base class that could then be used to test DateTime or to test
>>another potential implementation. That would go a long way to help
>>actually write a new implementation.
> hi florent!
> actually that's the best thing to do! this way the implementer knows
> what to do exactly :)
> but be aware that some tests got modified to pass with current (broken)
> behaviour!
> one more question (to the public!):
> do we REALLY need dates <1900 / >2036 ? using unix timestamps for
> storage and as the base for all conversions would make things a lot
> easier!

Yes, we do need them.  The Unix timestamp epoch starts at 1970, BTW.

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