On 23.11.05 23:59:34, Fernando Martins wrote:
> As far as I can see and tried, the zope2.8 script only deals with instances
> which are created in the default instance directory,
> /var/lib/zope2.8/instance/.

That could be, I don't have Zope2.8 installed here...

> I would prefer to keep a specific instance of zope in a different directory,
> together with other related directories, e.g. files from LocalFS. That is, I
> prefer to have all directories of the application, zope or not, under a
> common directory. Is there anything wrong with this approach??

Not necessarily.

> I tried to symlink into the instance into /var/lib/zope2.8/instance but the
> start script fails. BTW, where are the messages logged? (I'm running Ubuntu)

What messages do you mean? The ones that you see when you run
/etc/init.d/zope start? I don't know about Ubuntu, but on Debian those
are only logged when the scripts are run during bootup. These are put
into /var/log/boot by the bootlogd. Errors that each instance produces
should be in the log files in $INSTANCE_HOME/log

> Is there any solution?

Sure built Zope from Source and run mkzopeinstance with a full path.

> Is this specific to the distribution?

Not specific to Ubuntu, but I guess specific to distribution-packages of
Zope. You'll find that many Zope-People rather built Zope themselves
than relying on distribution packages. There were (are?) some issues
with the distribution packages and with the packagers not doing their
job right, or trying to do "too much"...


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