Thanks all, I figured it out:

## GET last entry in db and obtain ID
## Find_Last_ID is my ZSQL method
## the [0][0] part is record_number/record_item repectively
## I only have one record in this method's return so I use [0] [0]

get_last_id = container.Find_Last_ID().tuples()[0][0]

On 11/24/05, Mike Jakowlew <[EMAIL PROTECTED] > wrote:
Here is what I need to accomplish:

I need to call a Z-SQL method from within python and store the result in a variable in python. I know this could probably be done easier with ZPT's or DTML, however the program that I've written does many things and depends on this particular variable for the majority of the program.

My overall program:

Uploads a File (Working)
Write an entry to a MS SQL DB (Working)
Send an Email to alert user of upload (Working)

in this particular case all I need is the id of the last row in the db before the e-mail is sent out. The e-mail itself sends a link that calls another SQL method with ID as the parameter passed.

I've tried to use the method, but that just returns the name of the Z-SQL method.

Thanks in advance,

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