Zope 2.8.4
ZODB/Zeo 2.3.4
Mysql 4.0
Dual Athalon processors
Linux RH7.3

We have two recent instances in our production sites where Zope suddenly
stops responding.  It is not a new problem, but we've now been confronted
with two clean examples and nothing to blame them on.  The problem appears
to be independent of load as both incidents were on lightly loaded

A check of the logs (Linux and Zope) shows nothing obviously amiss except
that the trace log (the old -M log) shows a sudden increase in active
requests from the typical 0 or 1 to 1300 or more.  In this context an
"active request' is total number of requests pending at the end of this
request and is computed by post-processing.  We front-end Zope with pound 
and make heavy use of MySQL.  Both show a plethora of incomplete 

Examination of the raw trace log shows that Zope is continuing to accept
requests, but nothing getting done.  The raw log date-stamps four internal
states for each transaction.  The states are Begin (B), Input (I),
action (A), and End (E).  Inputs are gathered between B and I, outputs is
made between A and E.  The raw log shows B and I transactions, but
apparently no processing is completing.  I suspect that nothing is getting

I am at a loss as to where to begin to track this one down.  The failure
is spontaneous and apparently not triggered by any readily distinguishable
inputs or pattern of inputs.  The behavior smells a bit of resource limits
or process synchronization problems, but there is not real evidence for
either being the root cause.   I am not sure what monitoring I should be 
doing to help locate the source of the problem.

Has anyone seen seen a similar problem?  Any advice as to how to proceed?


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