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David Pratt wrote:
> Hi Tino.
> Here are a couple of links that describe it.  Boils down to using
> regular GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE over HTTP using specific URI's to
> invoke actions - sort of like XMLRPC over HTTP.  It occurred to me that
> perhaps the current webdav server could be modified to handle requests
> for this purpose.  I wondered how sensible this would be and whether
> anyone else has considered this or other options for setting up another
> listener for this type of service to their sites.
> REST Web Service Conventions:
> - Plain XML is the data representation format.

That isn't part of REST at all.  RESTified applications can be built
using *any* fileish representation.

> - HTTP is the transfer protocol.
> - HTTP's GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE are the access/manipulation verbs.

Zope already supports applicatoins built around the standard HTTP verbs.
 The trickiest thing about REST from Zope's point of view is that its
proponents seem to think POST (which is a general purpose verb) should
only be used for "resource creation".  Zope is happy to map POST / GET
requests onto *any* publishable method, which means that you have to try
hard to abide by the RESTriction.  Zope also supports using PUT for
"resource creation", which the REST folks don't seem to get.

> - URIs point to individual data records (such as catalog items or
> customer info).

Already doable, and in fact done in many Zope applications.

> - HTTP authentication and SSL provide security.

Likewise.  Basically, Zope already provides everything you need, and
more (not using the "more" is the hard part).

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