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I have for a while successfully used the ASP404 script ( http://www.zope.org/Members/hiperlogica/ASP404) front ending part of a zope server using IIS on Win2000.
Recently I changed the front end server to Win2003. I have been attempting to use the same technique there. All seems to work except for the fact that the "FORM" part of the request header appears to go missing during the process -- so all form submits in my particular case fail. I have yet to determine the root cause, but near as I can tell the "FORM" request segment loss happens before the asp script gets to handle the redirection, presumably a change in Win2003's 404/405 error handling strips this out intentionally or inadvertently?
Are others seeing this same phenomenon? Any work around?

I figured out what the problem was -- it seems the ASP404 script depends on REQUEST_METHOD set in the request header to decide what mode to open WinHTTP in. On Win2000 the REQUEST_METHOD is set to the method of the request (GET/POST). On 2003 the method is always set to GET regardless of the original method.
The only solution I could find was to use Request.totalbytes > 0 as a check to set the WinHTTP open mode. Something like:
openmode = Request.ServerVariables("REQUEST_METHOD")
if Request.totalBytes > 0 then
 openmode ="POST"
end if
zopeServer.Open openmode, zopeRequest, False
Somehow it seems like not a very satisfying solution but it serves my purpose at this point.
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