On 12/1/05, Rick Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Perhaps someone can point me in the right direction.
> I am trying to display a pdf file (actually stored in LocalFS) from a
> python script.  To do this my approach (probably there's a better way) is :-
> RESPONSE.setHeader('Content-Type','application/pdf')
> RESPONSE.redirect(path)

It's pointless to set the content type and then to redirect since the
content type the client will get will be the content type of the
*destination* url (i.e., whatever "path" is, presumably the url of the
PDF document).

Why not just link directly to the document in the LocalFS object? 
IIRC, LocalFS allows you to map file extensions to content types. 
Maybe your PDF documents have case-differing extensions (e.g., .pdf
vfs. .PDF)?


> My main problem is that  on some occasions the file is properly opened
> in acrobat (I'm using firefox on linux, but similar effects are obtained
> using ie6/windows), while on other occasions raw pdf is displayed in the
> browser field with a content-type of text/html. I'm unable to see any
> difference to explain this difference - the documents are all scanned in
> the same way and imported into acrobat in the same way, yet Zope (I
> presume) interprets them as have differing content-type.
> I presume that this problem would go away if I didn't use the redirect.
> I'm sure it's blindingly obvious but I can't see how to do it another
> way.  I'd also be happy to display the pdf within an html document/frame
> but my knowledge of html is missing something at this point.......
> Please help me in my weakness.......
> Rick
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