Dennis Allison wrote:
I have not yet completed differential diagnosis, but I was hoping someone had encountered a similar problem and could pass along a fix/workaround.

The following program fails to do the writes --
import MySQLdb
dbuser = 'root'
dbpass = 'XXXXXX'
host = 'localhost'
connection = MySQLdb.connect( db=initdb, user=dbuser, passwd=dbpass, host=host )
cursor = connection.cursor()
qd = "delete from"
qi = "insert into values('ardvark', 'homework') "
print qi
cursor.execute( qi)
q2 = "select * from"
cursor.execute( q2)
res = cursor.fetchall()
print res

when run with Mysql-Python-1.2.1c under Python 2.4.2, but works just
find with Mysql-Python-1.1.1 under Python 2.3.5.

The tables are Innodb tables (that is, transactional).
1.2.x has no autocommit, so you have to commit your changes with connection.commit() see e.g.

Running Zope with Python 2.4.2 and Mysql-Pyton 1.2.1c works just fine.
ZMySQL commits for you, so this should work. BTW and just for the record: Python 2.4 is not recommended for Zope 2.8.x, but I'm sure you know that ;-)

Is there something special I need to do that I have forgotten?


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