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| > Since your index_html and docLogin both seem to require permissions to
| > view, 
| No, no, and NO again. docLogin noes NOT require permission.
| I can access it without problem. If I cold not this would probably be a 
| problem, and I would not be posting to the list.
| > I would check to make sure that your 'header' and 'footer' items 
| > aren't doing something restricted.
| >
| > If you're using DTML, then I'd check that standard_html_header and
| > standard_html_footer.
| >
| > Make sure that in addition to the 'View' permission that also the
| > 'Access Contents information' permissions are set for Anonymous
| > on headers, footers and docLogin (and index_html if required).
| I am sorry, but I have been down that path numerous times, and it is all in 
| order.
| I remove 'view' permission for anonymous from a folder or index.html file way 
| below acl_users, and I get the described problem when I try to access it. 
| I restore that permission, and everything displays properly. 
| If I go to acl_users/docLogin directly, I can log in with cookies, and 
| everything works fine. I believe that neatly eliminates the concerns you 
| raise here.

Not really d8) The primary cause for getting a Basic Auth Pop is because your
login form is attempting to do something that an Anonymous user doesn't have
permission to do. There's another acl_users between exUserFolder and the
content item (so it's getting the wrong user folder, unlikely in this case), 
or you have an item in  your page, header, or footer that is duplicated at 
a lower level that has permissions missing..

E.g /a/b/c/docLogin  works fine, but, /a/b/c/d/e/docLogin doesn't because 
something at /a/b/c/d or lower is locked for Anon users, but, isn't at /a/b/c

Does that make sense ?

| I was hoping it would be a product that many would be familiar with, and that 
| as such it wold be a good reference point to grapple with the more general 
| principles. Noting beats assistance from the author of course,
| but please don't insist on treating this as a newbee question :)

Maybe if you saw my INBOX you'd understand d8)

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