Russell Winter wrote:
If you have the time, could I bug you for another question directly, please.

Ask the list, always ask the list ;-)

I have my main Zope instance, each primary team is going to have their own
Zope Instance with Plone in their own Products directory.

You could look at the "third product directory" option that used to be enabled by setting the PRODUCTS_PATH environment variable, should be an option in zope.conf somewhere now...

I have seen and read something that seems to relate to also being able to
run multiple Plone instances within the same Zope server, but each Plone
instance has its own folder (on the file-system) to store some of its files
in as well as using the Zope Zope database, I am reading this correctly?

- yes you can have as many plone instances as you like in one zope instance

- they all run off the same software, so they will be the same version of Plohn, etc...

- you can get them in different places on disk my using mounted storages, you'll have to have a google and fiddle. This is part of the standard zope software, read zope.conf ;-)

- mounted storages are still ZODB-based, there's no such thing as "file system storage" ;-)



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