On Tue, Dec 06, 2005 at 09:51:12AM +0000, Chris Withers wrote:
> John Poltorak wrote:
> > Zope itself works fine when started via runzope, so what is the problem in 
> > trying to provide an alternate socket name?
> > 
> > zdctl is supposed to accept an alternative socket name:-
> > 
> > -s/--socket-name SOCKET -- Unix socket name for client (default "zdsock")
> > 
> > Unfortunately, I can't figure out any way to make use of this option.
> Why do you care about this? AGAIK, this is only to do with those weird 
> unix file-like socket things, and shouldn't be worried about if you're 
> using a normal tcp socket as you should be ;-)

According to the docs it should be possible to specify an alternate socket 
name. I am unable to use the name 'zdsock' so would like to configure Zope 
to use a user specific socket name. Either it is possible or it isn't.

So far no one has told me how I can use what are supposed to be existing 
features. I've even found a sample.conf which contains this

  # Harmless example
  program       sleep 100
  # Repeat the defaults
  backoff-limit 10
  daemon        True
  forever       True
  socket-name   zdsock
  exit-codes    0,2
  # user has no default
  umask         022
  directory     .
  default-to-interactive True
  hang-around   False

but no one seems to know how/where this is can be used.

What is the point in having features if no one knows how to use them?

> cheers,
> Chris
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