John Poltorak wrote:

Are you saying that Zope cannot be restarted through ZMI on Windows?

Who does that anyway?

Even on unix, I use zopectl restart, my production zope stuff on windows is just scheduled tasks running from Task Scheduler...

At the moment, the problem is being able to provide an alternative socket name via a command line parameter which is a feature that is supposed to be already provided by zdctl, but no one seems to know how it works, so I have no way of knowing whether it can be made to work on my OS or not.

Well, I'm afraid that's how open source works. Yours is the itch, better get scratching ;-)

Tres gave you some hints, in that basically you want to surface that ooption in zope.conf. Reading the code in the Zope.Startup package would be where I'd start, although I warn you it's a little contorted :-S



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