Infor Gates wrote:

Thanks for your email. There is another person I wish to thank. However, I lost his email contact by accident - his advice points me to where to check for the errors.

Let me Simple User Folder works.

As I googled for some time on this, I noticed there are others who had similar problems but the answer was not quite straight forward.   The reason, my best guess, is most of us are "juniors" - slightly above a beginner. As we journey to "higher" level Zope development, we tried to grasp the concepts of the Products developed by people like you.

For me, when I installed the SUF according to the README file, it was straight forward. I test individual programs and it is working OK.  I copy LITERALLY the needed  *.pys and *.sql from test directory to content page of SUF instance.

However, when I try through Zope TTW (e.g. ADD user), the system produces the said error message.  "Juniors" like me wo uld expect the SUF works the same as Zope User Folder. When it did not, I was lost.

Thanks to the an advice from the earlier email, I learnt to hack around the example I copied to the content page of SUF instance. It was a simple error BUT I did not see it. The example call for addUser but the program copied was named addUser.pys. Also missing inside the example is  calling the addUser.sql.
So when I change the name to addUser and added call to addUser.sql, it work fine.

In conclusion, I would say it was a miscommunication or mis-reading of the README. It would be better the README file can improve this aspect. Then I believe everyone would enjoy using the SUF.

Chris Withers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Infor Gates wrote:
> I am having problems in setting up Simple User Folder.
> Error Message:
> Error Type: UnconfiguredException
> Error Value: Addition of users has not been configured
> I have googled around for an answer. However, there is very little info on it.

Urm? That's a pretty damn clear error message if you ask me ;-)
Did you read the readme.txt in SUF?

> My Configuration: Zope2.8.4 / Windows XP Pro / Postgresql
> I have copied all (addUser.pys, addUser.sql, editUser.pys editUser.sql, deleteUser.pys deleteUser.sql, getUserIds.pys, getUserIds.sql, getUserDetails.pys, getUserDetails.sql) into the /TEST/acl_users/Contents page as advised in README.

Does it say just blindly copy them?
Where did you copy them to?

Those files are primarilly for running theses tests. If you read the
python files in the tests folder you'll see how to use them.

In your case, you need to define a method called 'addUser' inside the
Contents tab of your SUF instance.

Read the readme.txt to find out what that method needs to take as
parameters and what it needs to do.



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And SUF deserves enjoying.  Its simple, clean and to the point.  Thanks Chris.


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