For Instant access to _javascript_ resources, I've used the pay Safari online book service at O'Reilly, they have up-to-date _javascript_ titles, and maybe some AJAX (Asynchronous _javascript_ and XML) titles as well.  

The specific functionality that you mentioned is very difficult, drag selection, drag and drop, and target behavior.  Multiplied by the number of supported browsers.... Heavy duty client-side AJAX or Flash, I would think.... and an awful lot of bleeding edge browser coaxing.  And when that's done, then have it talk to Zope. 

Either way, you won't get those answers here.  Find a Advanced _javascript_ or AJAX list for best results.

Good Luck,

Jon Cyr


Jonathan wrote:
You seem to be mixing together client-side activity ('mouse selection') and server-side activity ('query the zodb'?). You will need to separate these two activities:  use _javascript_ for the client side and build a normal form-based request which is then submitted to a zope method (dtml/script/external method) which processes the fields from the form request and returns some object(s)? from the zodb.
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This is probably not much about zope, but I want to do make a web page that does mouse drag query that query the zodb for information.
For example... I have a picture and I want my mouse to be able to point a single point or drag a selection box and what ever is selected will make a new web page and with table about its information.
Would anyone give me some pointers about how I could accomplish this? what docs or books I should read?

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