Could be... Plone is a product built on top of Zope, and includes a component called CMF (content management framework)  CMF is available as a Zope extension without Plone, as well.  CMF is the workflow piece of the puzzle.  The piece you seek.

I'd research CMF to see if you need the overhead of Plone or not.  There are Plone and CMF mailing lists which could give you a more detailed resource.

-Jon Cyr

Brant Winter wrote:
Hi all - this is my first post to this list, and I am not quite sure if I am in the right spot ! I am looking at building up a change management / release management tool that woudl be hosted online in some form, that has its workflow built around solid ITIL foundations.

I have seen Plone in th epast, and have installed it and played around, but I am wondering if Zope / Plone is the tool for this job ? I am basically drawn to Zope because of its ability to create workflows, but I am not sure if this is exatly the right tool.

Basically I want to be able to create a basic change management workflow, but have different models depending on what type of change is occuring, ie software release as opposed to putting a new server in a live production rack. Each of these 'changes' would require a different workflow model.

Is Zope / Plone for me ?

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