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Jonathan wrote:
Thanks to everyone for the feedback... the bottom line seems to be that you can NOT trap zope exceptions in a python script... which seems a bit odd.

Of course you can. You just are restricted from importing certain things, which happens to include this class of exception. Probably it is safe for Zope to allow importing this in restricted code; feel free to file a bug report.

But you have easy avenues to deal with this: either declare that class safe for import or take a couple extra seconds and write it in an External Method.

Yes I know I can "force" python scripts to allow zExceptions, and yes I know that I can write an external method, but that was not the question.

It seems strange that one can, using plain vanilla python scripts, trap bare 'try/excepts' (and I agree with Andreas that this is not a good thing to do!) and that one can trap python built-in exceptions, but that one cannot trap zope exceptions. Why allow python scripts to trap zope exceptions using a bare try/except (and then have to re-raise everything except the target zope exception), but not allow python scripts to target specific zope exceptions? I don't see the reasoning behind this approach.

I don't think this is a bug, it is more of a feature request and does anybody else think it is reasonable/logical/useful?

Just curious is all.


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