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>> --On 19. Dezember 2005 15:32:46 +0100 Pier Luigi Fiorini
>> <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>> Hello, I'm developing a Zope application that uses a PostgreSQL
>>> connection and several ZSQL objects. People should log in using a
>>> Postgres user and ZSQL object should be executed by the user
>>> that's logged in. Multiple people can be logged at the same time.
>>> Unfortunately it is not possible because the same Postgres
>>> connection is used by all the ZSQL object. Is there a way to
>>> change the user executing a ZSQL query?
>> The short version: forget it. DA connections are tied to a
>> particular user. Connections are persistent and shared across
>> threads and requests. You really don't want to connect/re-connect
>> for every request and user. You would have to implement your own
>> connection management including connection pooling *somehow*.

I would also be interested in multiuser ZSQLs, though it's not my main
goal and I don't expect participating on such coding.

Provided there wont be thousands of users (mine number is just about
20), how about to create a pool of connections in some ZODB folder,
simply identified as sqlconn_jack, sqlconn_john, sqlconn_martin, ... and
teach ZSQLMethod to select appropriate connection upon request?

SQL connections currently support auto-connection upon request, so a
timeout disconnection would be nice added feature in this case, but for
small number of users it does not seem to be necessary.

I think this would be a considerable, but easily implemented, step to
obtain SQL userbase binding.

Is there a problem somewhere?


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