Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
> I think you missed the point. The main reason to ditch it is the fact 
> that there is no one who is willing and able to support the code for  it
> in Zope. Just because someone comes up with a combination where  FCGI
> might have a benefit still does not give us a developer to  support it.
> jens
> On 21 Dec 2005, at 04:48, David Bear wrote:
>> could this be one reason to keep fastcgi?
>> On 12/19/05, Robert Boyd <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: I'm using 
>> Apache 2.0, and I cannot find a solution to passing the
>> value of REMOTE_USER from Apache to Zope when using a rewrite rule. I
>> have Apache rewriting requests for Zope, and hooked into Tomcat with
>> mod_jk. My users login through a servlet, and Apache has REMOTE_USER
>> available to it. But any subsequent request to Zope loses this value.
>> I used to have this all working when using FastCGI, but I'm hoping to
>> use only mod_rewrite. Is it possible?

Regardless, REMOTE_USER is just an environment variable, and if you can
*prove* it's being set in Apache but not passed to Zope, I'd be surprised.

You can also use Apache directives to do this as well.  It's been a
while but SetEnv does spring to mind...

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