The side effect is that sessions will live longer than the specified 
period, up to 300 seconds longer if session-resolution-seconds is set to
30 seconds.

In my case, setting it higher helps, b ut does not eliminate the problems.

On Wed, 21 Dec 2005, Maciej Wisniowski wrote:

> >The missing detail here is that reading a session object causes a
> >write to the database to update the last access time for that session
> >object. So what looks like a plain old read to the application code
> >above, in-fact includes a write just below the surface. (This is a
> >design choice so that stale session objects can be removed.)
> >  
> >
> Some time ago (search the archives) I had problems with high rate
> of write conflict errors and then Michael Dunstan has written:
> "One option to reduce the rate of this write conflict is to tune the
> session machinery to suit. For example use session-resolution-seconds
> of say 300 seconds."
> It helped me a lot - almost no conflict errors :) Maybe you should
> try to change this setting in zope.conf and see what will happen.
> Im curious if there are side effects of setting high value to this
> variable? I haven't noticed any...


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