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Is there any product that features LDAP connections in Zope. Just like
ZMySQLDA for MySQL databases (not a user folder).

In a fast search, I found ZopeLDAP, but it was last released in 2000. Is
there someone working on ldap+zope "low level" stuff?

What exactly are your needs? How low do you need it to be?
If you just need to query an ldap base this is very easy to achieve
via external methods and python-ldap. May also be used to alter the
contents of an ldap base.

However, http://www.dataflake.org/software/ldapuserfolder may also be
used to alter the ldap database (at least I think so. Never tried)


I need it to an archetypes ldap storage. CMFMember as an implementation (don't know about any other) but it uses LDAPUserFolder, and I think the storage should be more generic then that, i.e. should handle all kind of content, not only members.

That's why, although I admit this storage can be the base for this work (need a deeper look at it), I was asking if there are some working "LDAPConnnection" product...

CPSDirectory has had an LDAPBackingDirectory that uses LDAP as a storage for quite a while. It's not plone compatible though, it uses an entirely different framework.


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