Andreas Jung wrote:
> --On 6. Januar 2006 10:06:55 -0500 Asad Habib <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> wrote:
>> Well, the class is simply a construct that Java uses to define an object.
>> Also, the concept of object is well defined in Java which makes it easier
>> for the programmer to know what can and cannot be done. In Python, it is
>> not as explicit. Java is a programming language and hence cannot be
>> compared directly to a scripting language such as Python or PHP. These 2
>> types are designed for different purposes.
> Python is not a programming language??? huh......the difference is that
> Java is compiled and Python is interpreted.

Not even - Python is byte-compiled too. The difference is that the
Python interpreter (call it 'VM' if you think that 'interpreter' isn't
buzzword-compliant enough) is smart enough to take care of the
compilation phase by itself.

bruno desthuilliers
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