All said and done, I prefer to use Java over Python for large applications

Good for you; there are others that share your tastes, but that's all it is:
preference.  A good coder could create an equally powerful suitably large
application in either language in the same amount of time.

My guess is that it will take much less time with Python. And that the "large" Java application will end up as a medium-sized app in Python (the average ratio must be along the line of 5 lines of Java for 1 line of Python).


simply because it's cleaner and has mechanisms in place that support reusability of components and extensibility.

Huh?  You can do pretty much the same designs, patterns, etc in Python.  Why
does language make a difference here in re-usability.

It does make a difference - but the other way round !-)

Almost any (if not all) Java pattern can be translated to Python, but the opposite is not true.

Perhaps you are
arguing for single-inheritance as a constraint (which you can self-impose in
design in Python).

But why would you ?-) Python's duck typing makes inheritence much less important than it is in Java, but still, multiple inheritence is handy for mixins (let's talk about componants and reusability...).

Also, Python offers a pretty good support for composition/delegation, which allows for better decoupling (than inheritence), which in turns makes reusability easier.

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