On 1/9/06, Fernando Lujan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> We use a Psycopg connection, and Z SQL Objects... We don't have any
> programs written in python that use zope interfaces and so on.
> We have a entire site written in DTML in Zope 2.x. Now, after some
> discuss here We want to migrate it to Zope3.x. and start to develop
> using the zope 3 facilities and OO and ZPT.
> I already install Zope 3.1.0 and try to copy the Data.fs. But it
> produces a lot of erros. How can I handle this?
> Will exist a way to migrate from Zope 2.x to Zope 3.x?

Zope 3 is not backwards compatible with Zope 2. There will probably
not exist an *easy* way to "migrate" as such. People are slowly
working on merging the frameworks so that it will be possible to run
both Zope 2 and Zope 3 programs on the same server, but we are not
there yet. Migration will be an application level affair, meaning that
if you have a custom Zope 2 application, you will have to make the
migration yourself.

Sorry for this negative sounding answer. Zope 3 is super cool, but it
is a super cool development platform. Zope 2 was super cool too, and
Zope 3 is even super cooler. But moving to Zope 3 is at the moment a
lot of development work (you basically need to rewrite your
applictaion completely) and unless you plan on doing that anyway, you
should probably just stick with Zope 2 for the time being. :)

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