Well color me purple, it does work.

I was just so used to seeing the "Zope Ready to handle Requests"
message that when it never appeared I just assumed it was not working
at all. I've broken Zope on my computer 100 times and always when its
broken it does not display "Zope Ready to handle Requests". I won't
make any more excuses for myself here, they don't help anything. Man,
I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

>Or another way (something I'd never do in real life, but I guess some
people do)
I always run Zope in the console. The only reason I even use the
Windows version is for development. As far as I can tell the fastest
way for me to stop and restart Zope if to close down the command
window and then start it back up again. When I develop, I restart Zope
all the freeking time, so the faster the restart, the better.

Rob Conner

On 1/9/06, Tim Peters <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> [Robert Conner]
> > Thanks for compiling that and setting up the windows installer.
> > However, I don't believe it works. Sorry it took me so long to get
> > back to you. I wanted to try installing this on a second computer
> > before I wrote back. On both of them it
> What is "it"?  Please spell out exactly what you did.  The installer
> was tested on Win XP Pro SP2 and worked fine there.  I just downloaded
> it again, and had no problems:
> - Ran the installer, and accepted all the defaults.
> - In particular, accepting all the defaults runs Zope as a Windows service, so
>   Zope starts automatically, and the installer brings up the
>      Zope Windows Binary Post-Installation QuickStart
>   page in a broswer.
> - I clicked on "Zope Management Interface" in that, and entered the admin
>   password I gave to the installer when it asked for one.
> - I was then logged in to the ZMI, in a running Zope 2.8.5.
> I have no idea what you did, because you really didn't say ;-)
> > starts the cmd window and displays the command called to run,
> Sorry, I'm not picturing what you did at all.  Needs more words.
> > and then fails to finish the load up or start the server. Possibly it does 
> > work
> > and both of my systems are configured wrong, but I couldn't get either 
> > install
> > to run.
> So I'll try something else:
> - I stopped the Zope service (by using the Windows Services applet).
> - Opened a DOS box and cd'ed to the root of the instance home (\Zope-Instance,
>   the default created by the installer).
> - Typed "bin\runzope" and hit ENTER.  This is exactly what was displayed in
>   the console then:
> C:\Zope-Instance>bin\runzope
> C:\Zope-Instance>"C:\Program Files\Zope-2.8.5-final\bin\python.exe"
> "C:\Program Files\Zope-2.8.5-final\lib\python\Zope2\
> Startup\run.py" -C "C:\Zope-Instance\etc\zope.conf"
>     There isn't more output, and more isn't expected.
> - Waited a while ;-), then opened a browser and typed
>       http://localhost:8080/manage
>   in the address bar.
> - Once again I was then logged in to the ZMI, in a running Zope 2.8.5.
> Or another way (something I'd never do in real life, but I guess some
> people do):
> - Shut down Zope from the last try.
> - Clicked Start -> All Programs -> Zope 2.8.5-final -> Run Zope In Console
>   That "should be" the same as typing "bin\runzope" by hand as in the last 
> try,
>   and indeed it worked the same way.
> Did you try one of those ways?  If so, which one?  If not, what did
> you try?  If you tried the third way and the goofy little DOS box
> "vanished", try the second way instead.  You may get to see a relevant
> error message then.  Also look in your instance's var\log\event.log.
> If you're running as a Windows service, look in the Windows
> Application and System event logs too.  One particular problem when
> running as a service is that Windows Firewall will _not_ prompt you if
> it blocks a socket started from a service.  Instead the service hangs
> or dies.
> > Also, Zope 2.9 is out, if you had planned to make a Windows binary for
> > that also.
> At this point it's unclear what will happen for that.  Zope 2.9
> switches from Python 2.3.5 to Python 2.4.2, and uses zpkgtools for the
> first time to package the distribution.  Consequences include that the
> code used to build pre-2.9 Zope Windows installers can't work to build
> one for 2.9 too.  An unknown amount of new work is needed there, and
> AFAICT nobody is working on it.

Robert Conner
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