On 1/9/06, Paul Winkler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 09, 2006 at 12:24:57PM -0500, Brian Sullivan wrote:
> > I considered Zsyncher a while ago -- the problem there though is that
> > there are many things in the two sites that should not be synched --
> > it seemed more of a synch everything kind of tool. Maybe I should look
> > at it again. That would be a long term project though.
> Sure.
> ZSyncer only syncs what you tell it to sync.
> One wrinkle is that if you want to sync only some contents
> of a folder that does not exist yet on the remote side.
> In that case you need to arrange to create the folder remotely
> first.  ZSyncer doesn't handle that automatically, but the
> callRemote() method may help if you want to script that kind
> of feature for your application.

As I recall the reason why I stopped looking at it earlier was that it
only did push type synching (and as I am outside the firewall it
didn't really solve my problem). I get the impression that now will
allow a pull synching  as well so that I can from inside the firewall
synch to a site outside the firewall?

> > Import/export via zexp doesn't really solve the problem of updating a
> > smattering of files over the ZODB, unless I am missing something about
> > using it. It might even introduce more issues than it solves.
> Yeah, you'd still need to arrange to export / import the particular
> objects (not really "files") you're interested in.

Yes -- objects -- just have a hard time sometimes mentally changing
from paradigm to paradigm.

> If they're scattered all over, as it sounds like,
> you're not going to find a ready-made solution.
> Only you know which objects you're interested in.
> That's why I suggested that you may end up scripting something.

Yes they are scattered around.

What I would like to do is send a file (zexp like?) that just had the
various required  bits in it with an implied hierarchy and have the
import take care of the distribution to match the files/hierarchy. I
guess nothing like that exists?
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