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- how can i set the target language for the translation in the zpt?

That's tricky! :) You need either Localizer or the plone tool for that
now, I think. But it's mentioned in the documentation. By default it
just picks the language from the list of languages in your browser, I

Yeah, it does. In Silva 1.5, under development, I've overridden an adapter that negotates the language to also consult a cookie ('silva_language') and this appears to work.

Here's the code:

from zope.publisher.browser import BrowserLanguages

# new language extractor that looks in the silva_language cookie first,
# then fall back on browser setting
class SilvaLanguages(BrowserLanguages):
    def getPreferredLanguages(self):
        languages = super(
            SilvaLanguages, self).getPreferredLanguages()
        cookie_language = self.request.cookies.get('silva_language')
        if cookie_language is not None:
            languages = [cookie_language] + languages
        return languages

and then some ZCML in overrides.zcml in the product:


It's not perfect that this override is global now, but I guess eventually we could make it a local adapter override for the Silva site..


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