Can you check your memory consumption on the server? It could be that
your application eats up so much memory that your zope can't handle it
and thus times out.
If this is the case you'll need to rewrite your app to NOT create a
too big data structure of dictionaries.

On 1/19/06, David Whiteley <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I have a quite complicated data collection and reporting system based on
> zope2.7 and postgresql.  All the postgresql stuff is handled by external
> scripts.  I have used page templates throughout.  It is running on a
> Debian Sarge based system, and uses Apache as a front end.
>  This is my first experience developing with Zope, so I have probably
> done things oddly, but...
> I have script that generates a large bundle of data dictionary for each
> "target entity", which is in this case is a person.  I then pass this
> data to a script that converts it to XML.  My template repeats over a
> list of people, and concatenates and sends the XML for them all to the
> user, where a bit of XSLT creates a paged report.
> It works for a few people.  If I try too many people it fails with an
>    Error reading from remote server
> message from the Apache.
> I cannot find any hints in the apache or zope logs.  I have tried to
> monitor the server to see if any resources are running out, but have not
> found anything.
> Can anyone suggest how I try to diagnose this failure.
> I repeat, I am fairly new to Zope, and so need fairly basic help.
> Dave
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