Sorry for the self followup, but some update info.

On Fri, 20 Jan 2006, Jeff Gentry wrote:
> running through the system looking at the repr() of these instances (both
> 'B' and 'C').  What I saw was that 'B' would say:
> <B instance at 2a9e9274e0> (or some other mem address)
> while 'C' would say:
> <C instance at /gg/some/path>

Looking at this, as well as absolute_url_path and watching the result of
SQLConnectionIDs() it appears that the problematic instance is actually
the instance of class 'A'.  When the problem I'm seeing occurs, the
aq_parent of 'A' changes, eg:
<Application instance at 2a9e91f9e0>
will be changed to another address.
(It is in the root folder of the ZMI).

I don't see any clear spots where I might be changing the parent of the
'A' object, although it is certainly possible via side
effect.  Particularly confusing is the seemingly nondeterministic behavior
on when this happens although I'm assuming it was due to the threading
issues mentioned earlier in this particular thread?


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