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First one is something like a mathematical encyclopedia and online
collaboration tool - mix between MathWorld
(http://mathworld.wolfram.com/) and a Wiki of some kind

Second web is much less complicated - it's intended to be a mix between
news portal and searchable database of medical and similar products.

Currently, I'm reviewing few options for implementing those two
projects - plain Zope 2 or a Zope 2 based CMS (Plone, ZWiki, etc). If
there is a Zope 2 based CMS that satisfies most of my requirements, I
wouldn't mind using that.

For the first project, I don't think you'll find an out-of-the-box solution, nor you can reasonnably expect to forcefit it into a CMF based CMS. Zwiki could be a good starting block, then you're on your own IMHO.

For the second one, I think it could fit into Plone but - depending on the complexity of what you call a "news portal", and unless you really need all the 'community portal' part of Plone - you may be better rolling your own product(s).

But, since Zope 2 will be someday replaced by
Zope 3, I'm not that happy to use an already outdated product. That
brings me to my next question - would it be smart to try to develop
this using Zope 3? Is it mature and production ready enough?

I can't answer about stability and such - but if you don't intend to use an existing Zope2 CMS, you may as well take the Zope3 road... (I wouldn't bet my hand on this, but I think I saw a Zope3 port of Zwiki somewhere...)

There is a third possibility, try to do it from scratch

Err... YMMV, but I wouldn't do that.

using Python
(since that is the only language I'm good in that is suited for web
development), but that seems like to big hassle.

no comment...

There, that's all I can think of now, any thoughts, ideas, URL's are
very much appreciated.

Zope has surely a lot to offer. But you may also want to check some other solutions, like Django or Turbogears (2 rails-like fullstack 'MVC' frameworks), or Myghty (HTML:Mason Python port).

My 2 cents.
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