Hugo Ramos wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm responsible for a big corporate intranet and corporate portal.
> They were using Zope/Plone before I got here and the problems are too many.
> Let's talk about performance issues... Plone is VERY SLOW responding
> requests. All content is stored in ZODB objects and zcatalog is used
> to search. But even if you request the intranet home only, it takes
> about 10 seconds to load. The hardware is very good and lots of ram is
> used in the servers.
> They also have zeo + 2 zope instances running in the same machine.
> I've never seen this in my life... only 3 machines running 2 zope
> instances + zeo instance, separately.
> Do you think Zope(logic)+MySQL(content)+Apache(HTTP server) is better
> solution than Zope+Plone ???

I think the problem has more to do with Plone than with Zope or the
ZODB. We have a couple 'barebones' zope applications here that serve
public website. Hosting is on a shared server (behind apache) with no
zeo, no cache, no tuning, no fancy configuration, and performances are
pretty good - even with search. For the record, we've tried Plone on the
same server, and even with almost no content, it *is* *very* slow.

bruno desthuilliers
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