Michael. I found a bookmark for something that might help. I remember this person had written a bit of a howto on some of this for Plone. His name was Eric Vought and his howto was SSL redirect around March of last year. His document which is now an orphan was at:


I don't know where he is any longer but perhaps someone on the plone list could help find the doc or Eric. If you happen to find a copy of the howto somewhere, I would be great if you could send a fresh link to me. I remember communicating with Eric at the time when I was trying to work this out for myself with CMF.


David Pratt wrote:
Hi Michael. First you need a way to get to the root of your site two different ways. First is using the domain you have your ssl on and the other for your other domain name(s)

www.domain_one.com               /site1
www.mysecure_domain.com/site1    /site1

If you have apache proxy then you can set up yoru ssl on port 443 to secure the domain you have the cert for. Under this domain you can have any number of sites so long as the domain and ip are the same. ie


So you will be able to get to the same site by either using



since in VHM they are both pointing to the same root (/site1 )

As far as the login on Plone, I do not use Plone but you would have to modify the zpt and script that calls the login to modify these links to the url to for the other domain. This is where I cannot be sure of what I did a year ago. I know for sure I had not completely worked it through and would need to look at this again. I tried this on CMF. Give me a day or two and I will see if I can locate anything more on this in my stuff. I wish I had a better memory but a year seems like a long time ago. :-)


michael nt milne wrote:

Ok, that's really interesting. Thanks. Yes I could just stay using SSL after the login if there's a problem with going non-ssl

I understand the setting up the single secure domain bit linked to the IP address but don't quite get how I would link each site's login areas to that? Basically are you saying you would, using re-write rules, just call http://www.plonesiteone.com/login_form - http://mysecure_domain.com/plonesiteone/login_form ?

It would be the same Plone login page but just have a different URL in the address bar, a https one?

Also would you need to use VHM because I've got Apache virtual hosts set-up without actually doing anything in Zope. As long as VHM is on it is all fine.



On 1/24/06, *David Pratt* <[EMAIL PROTECTED] <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>> wrote:

    I think this should be doable for single cert with multiple domains.
Setup you exising ip with one domain (ie. mysecure_domain.com). Get the
    cert on this domain.

    Setup a rewrite rule in apache for port 443 for mysecure_domain.com

    You could use a self signed cert to experiment. When user logs in
    request login page goes to

    site1 - http://domain_one.com:
    You would need to make your login go to you login page

    site2 - http://domain_two.com:

    Once logged in goes to whatever you have in your vhm
    http://www.domain_one.com    /site1 in vhm
    http://www.domain_two.com    /site2 in vhm

    in vhm you'd have:
    www.domain_one.com           /site1
    www.mysecure_domain/site1    /site1
    www.domain_two.com           /site2
    www.mysecure_domain/site2    /site2

    The problem here will be the session since when you login secure and
    switch back to the regular site, your ssl session will expire
    automatically but you'll need to pass it to nonssl to stay alive when
    you go back to nonssl. I think a solution might be to store it, go to
    nonssl and then retreive it when you do your redirect back to
    non-ssl. I
have not tried this yet. Alternatively you could always stay in ssl from that point forward. Any technique from someone on this would be helpful
    since I am also interested in what possibilities there might be.

    This should not give you a problem with the cert because identity on
cert would match the ip. I think otherwise you are in a situation where you will need a dedicated server setup to have one ip per site and then you can just do a single rewrite per ip or use chained ssl if you have sub domains that you want to tie together under a single cert over one
    or more ips on one or more servers.


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