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Start by checking the ZODB cache numbers in the zope-conf file (too start simple). IIRC, the default is 5000 objects. Increase that to, say 50.000 or so (you mention that you have a busy site).

Sorry, but this is not good advice. 5000 objects in the cache is normally plenty, and you should look into caching the front-end before you even consider this. 50K objects in the cache will eat *a lot* of memory, and most likely cause swapping.

Not necessarily bad advice... if you have enough memory to hold the complete zcatalog you will notice significant search time improvements and if your site does a lot of zcatalog searches this can be a significant improvement. We are currently running a zcatalog with over 1 million objects and the catalog and indexes are in excess of 6Gb in size; the more memory the better the search performance.

Front end caching is only good if you are serving up 'static' pages. Pages that are dynamically created, for each user/request, are not a good use case for front end caching (the exception is if there are portions of the pages, such a images, etc, which are common across your dynamically created pages, which will then make use of front end caching).


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