News in version 1.1.pre3

- bug fixes

- more advanced Five support

- base demos (quickstart) re-made with Five, besides the old five-less
  demos are available as well. 

- more advanced demos: the "Click-to-edit-title" example and a
  drag-and-drop shopping cart mini application. All done with plain Zope.

General information

Jsonserver provides an alternative way of AJAX client-server
communication on Zope.

Jsonserver enables Zope to act as a JSON-RPC server. JSON-RPC is
an XML-RPC replacement. It is built on JSON, a javascript based
data interchange format. JSON has bindings for more languages. On
the client side, the "jsolait" javascript library contains both
JSON and JSON-RPC support, besides other utilities.

Characteristics of this approach are:

- You can bind methods in javascript to Zope methods, python
  scripts or page templates and call them up directly from
  javascript in a synchronous or asynchronous way (RPC).

- Both the call parameters and the return value can be strings,
  unicode strings, instances of any other builtin python data
  type, or structures built with the combination of tuples, lists
  and dicts. These get marshalled transparently with JSON.

- As a consequence there is no necessity to use XML to pass
  around structured data, you can just structure your data with
  python and pass it directly (but of course you also have the
  possibility to pass around XML).
- Passing of both positional and keyword parameters allows to
  call up page templates with request parameters.

- Full client compatibility with the Zope3 version of jsonserver,
  i.e.  the same client code will be able to run on Zope2 and
  Zope3 without a change.
- Five supported.

This version, 1.1.pre3 is a pre-release and considered to be

It can be installed on Zope 2.7 and 2.8 (for 2.7 you need to
install Five). It is compatible with Plone and can be used from
it without restrictions. (PLEASE READ release notes for how to fix
a critical Plone bug.)

More information, download, and installable demo product at . Please report bugs
directly to me.


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